Billy Talent

I am just going to cover all of their music as I don’t find one of their albums to stand out above the rest. In Fact I don’t really think they have what I’d consider a great album, but they have a lot of great songs.

Billy Talent is a punk band from Ontario, Canada, formed in 1993 under the name Pezz changing to Billy Talent in ’99 they have released four albums under the latter name. Those four are what I will go over.

I’m not trying to sound clever but Billy Talent is a band with a lot of talent. Like most punk bands their music is often anti-establishment in spirit, informing the listener they are just a cog in the machine and they should rebel instead of conform etc… Unlike most punk bands these guys sound fluid, well produced and powerful, the first two things are ultra rare in punk. I don’t know how I would describe their sound except that I haven’t really enjoyed a punk band this much since I first listened to Bad Religion.

Throughout all four albums you do hear a slight evolution in their sound and after listening to it a few times, I feel as if they actually got better. Many bands suffer after a good freshman release but not these guys. I do maintain that none of their releases are great and that is due to songs I feel are kind of ballady and I hate ballads.

If I had to make a list of the songs I like most from each album it will go like this.

Off the Billy Talent album
“Nothing to Lose” This song is not typical of their music but I really like the lyrics. About a depressed teenager who seems to get picked on and is having trouble figuring out how to deal with it. I don’t think he figured it out.

Billy Talent II
“Worker Bees” Holy shit I love this song. Not much else to say about it other than listen to it and thank me later. “PROTECT THE HIVE FROM ENEMIES!”

Billy Talent III
“The Dead Can’t Testify” Do I hear a harpsichord? That’s all I need.

Dead Silence
“Viking Death March” This is just a fantastic song. What I look for in punk music.

I wanted to be more descriptive about these songs but there aren’t any nuances I can pick out and want to show you it is just a case of you should hear them for yourself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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