Severed Savior – Servile Insurrection

What can I say? I love me some death metal.
But this is not a typical death metal album in the slightest as in my mind it’s one of the best examples of the California technical death metal scene, and my personal favorite.

Severed Savior’s 2008 release Servile Insurrection is start to finish brutal, but tastefully done in the sense that is well written, musically challenging and aggressive.
All of these things in my mind are often pretty lacking in one department or another in this particular subgenre. You either have pure wank, or you have something that is musically pleasing but lacking in the overall balls that in mind are absolutely necessary in putting out a solid tech death album.

Severed Savior is not lacking in any of the above departments, in fact they more than deliver given a relatively small production that could have been provided by Willowtip pounding out ten impressively punishing songs, and a jazzy, and entirely instrumental track to boot entertaining the listener from start to finish, that is if this music is your cup of tea.

For one just getting into death metal you might want start with something more easily digestible, but for one who is looking to expand their more extreme cd/digital collection this will make a solid addition.

In particular for me personally Question, Acts of Sedition, and the title track absolutely deliver, and if you get the chance to see them live. Do it.
The show I attended was one of the more enjoyable I have attended in the last few years.

Check back here in the near future, and I think I might have one of those curveballs I mentioned before that might be a rewarding (non-metal) listening experience for those of you who might be interested.


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