Unleash the Archers – Demons of the AstroWaste

Let me tell you right off I am picky when it comes to women singing in metal or rock of any kind. However I do like good range and this girl has got that and uses it when necessary but manages to not over do it like some other female vocalists. A few other bands I like with female leads are Madder Mortem (Thanks Corsair) and To-Mera as examples.

Unleash the Archers is a fantasy/sword and board themed power metal band from Vancouver, Canada. As mentioned above the lead singer is a woman and backing “growls” are done by two male band members they aren’t too bad one of them has a certain In Flames sound to him. I can’t say enough about her voice though. Powerful and not piercing, she can hit some notes that make me shiver and she is quite pleasant to look at too. The drumming is good but nothing to write home about same goes for the guitar and bass but what they lack in uniqueness in those areas they make up for in fluidity. This band has a very smooth feel to their music. It takes you along for a ride and you don’t find yourself hitting speed bumps or stop signs that kill your focus.

I have to say I haven’t heard any power metal in a few years that excites me like this, last time was when I first discovered Rhapsody and Sonata Artica I was heavy into it then. Honestly this isn’t really even the same Power Metal, those examples are more flashy and designed to really showcase individual musician’s skills. Unleash the Archers is closer to a metalcore band but without the annoying girlyboy singing in the same way every other band you’ve heard like that (thats another gripe for another time).

Their second full length album “Demons of the AstroWaste” while not quite a theme or single story album (Which are my favoritest. Look out for the Ayreon review I am going to do soon.), is solid. There isn’t a track I don’t enjoy. The song that introduced me was “General of the Dark Army” . Damn good song, cool video. At first listen it was enough for me to post the video on my facebook wall but I walked away at the time and only came back a month later. What the hell was I thinking I could have wrote this review much sooner. That scream at 5:11, holy shit it gives me chills.

Can’t say I have a favorite song yet but notable entries to look for are the above mentioned song, then “Daughters of Winterstone” which contrary to what I said earlier has some pretty good guitar work that I suppose I will write home about, my mom won’t read it though.

“Despair” is a good track with well done tempo changes throughout. The drumming transitions pretty well….shit I really should rewrite that earlier paragraph but I have come to far to turn back. (I feel kinda bad for bassists you guys get no credit. I mean listen to music without bass and you will know something is missing but to the laymans ear it seems to blend in the music with no distinguishable sound. Thank you bass player!)

“The Realm of Tomorrow” I FUCKING LOVE when songs just drop tempo like they saw a cop ahead and speed back up when he is out of sight. Ok it’s not as abrubt in the song as I described but it is still wonderfully executed by this band.

I give this album a big \m/ in the air!

I don’t even know if these guys/girl are signed to any label. Maybe they want to stay independent to which I say more power to them if that’s the case. I wish them all the good fortune in the world and I just hope me spending a bit of my time writing this up gets them some new fans. Also they are working on their third album and that makes me happy!





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