Purson – The Circle and the Blue Door

70′s psychedelic revival music is a thing that exists and most of it is awesome (some of it is recorded on a my first tape recorder from the 80′s it sounds like garbage, yuck) the production value of this album is top notch. I like 70′s rock, I listened to a lot of my parents records growing up and still have most of them. So this very familiar but also kind of fresh in a way. The band I look at here is Purson, hailing from London, England fronted and founded by Rosalie Cunningham who is much younger than you might guess listening to her voice and what comes from her soul. I love ladies with sultry voices and she hits all the right buttons. This is one hell of a good band and their debut album really gives me hope for any future work they do there is so much potential for very memorable music and maybe concert tours.

The album feels like it is telling me a story but I have yet to really decipher it. (I was never good at looking for deeper meaning) I tend to only write about albums that I can listen to the entire thing in one sitting and this is not different. It actually feels like you are missing something if you just listen to one song and nothing else.

It is obvious they were influenced by many 70′s bands but pretending I could pick out and name more than a few isn’t gonna happen but there is one track “Tempest and the Tide” that reminds me of Steel Eye Span and something I can’t put my finger on but will edit in later as if I knew when I wrote this. I even hear a bit of the really proggy era Genesis which is always welcome. It is fun to sit and try to remember what song of yesteryear you are being constantly reminded of also annoying that you brain doesn’t work so well anymore. That doesn’t mean this is not unique in its own right make no mistake about that.

I don’t have much to say about this album other than go check it out usually i will break down my favorite songs but this time I implore you to listen if anything I said resonates with you. Purson made this album feel like a story and it takes you to another time and place. It deserves a chance and I don’t regret giving it one.

After looking at their soundcloud which I will link below there is a song called Let Bloom and yes please. It isn’t on the LP reviewed but it is certainly now in my heart I love this kind of music.



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