Pomeroy – A New Reflection

Pomeroy “A New Reflection” I know most people around my area heard of Pomeroy with their popular single Roboflow played on 89.7fm The River and their frequent appearances at the old Ranch Bowl and other local Venues.

The newest album is in my opinion the best they have made to date. I call them the Crimson Kings of Harmony. Ok I don’t ever call them that but they do have a knack for nailing catchy riffs and harmonies. I try to push it on a lot of people and anyone who actually tries this album likes it.

The album is only 11 tracks, but I can honestly say I like all of the songs but 3 and they aren’t terrible, just not my style I suppose. First 4 songs are great. Starts out with “A New Reflection” which is definitely a funk derived tune, certainly has some hints of Stevie Wonder’s more upbeat stuff.

The third song is called “Beautiful Design” this reminds me more of early Maroon 5 than it does Pomeroy which isn’t a bad thing since I like me some Maroon 5. This song has since become my personal favorite of theirs. The lyrics alone just move my soul.

The fourth song is called “Motionless” starts out with piano and goes into background vocals which really show what these guys are capable of in terms of harmony and as I said catchiness.

“The Beat Goes On” the sixth song is upbeat and if nothing else will get you nodding your head wishing you had rythym.

Anyway go buy this CD it will make you happy and gets listened to by me on a regular basis and I have a lot of music so anything that makes it in to a normal routine with me has to be good.



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