Trivium – In Waves

I was very excited for this album to release. I have all of their previous work and enjoy the mix of metal and rock, with sprinklings of prog. Naturally I expected this album to deliver all of that and hopefully more, but I am finding myself disappointed thus far. There are a few notable tracks such as “Black”, “Built to Fall” and “Shattering the skies above” the latter of which was released months ago on the God of War 3 soundtrack so it’s lost the appeal it had when I first heard it.

Now bear in mind these are initial impressions of the album, I have many times found certain releases from a band to grow on me with time. This is definitely the case with Dream Theater’s Octavarium which is one of my favorite albums from them now.

The song “Of All These Yesterdays” really hit me when I first heard it, but as I continued to listen to it, the lyrics became repetitive and well perhaps boring. Usually I find myself not liking the beginning of a song and it growing into a masterpiece or at the very least something enjoyable, this song had the opposite effect on me.

The rest of the album at this point sounds like a mix of Unearth and numerous other popular metal bands, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, just not unique enough for me to consider it a stellar release by these guys. They have put out phenomenal music in the past and this just doesn’t stack up to the previous work. I am not saying avoid this album it isn’t bad just go in expecting a good metal album not a work of art.

Colin “Loudneighbor”


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  1. I very often find an album that gets better with time. I think that i hear more/different sounds with time and grow an appreciation for the effort it took to make those sound work together like that.

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