Psychotic Waltz “A Social Grace”

This is a band that got lost in the 90′s. Devon Graves of Dead Soul Tribe fame (I should use fame loosely and I mean that in a Platinum hit top 40 kind of way which means nothing to me personally, but DST is the reason I know this band exists.) is the vocalist and plays flute occasionally. I am not sure why this band was under the radar but I am going to guess it is the prog influences. Most people find it too complex I suppose. This is also a time when bands from Seattle’s grunge scene were making waves in the music industry and the differences are quite apparent. The band hung it up in 1997 and Graves went on to start DST.

I would describe Psychotic Waltz’s music as a fusion of prog rock, heavy metal and perhaps psychedelic rock. The band calls it Hippy Metal and I guess that works. Graves has such a haunting voice it really ties together with the mood of the music. The smatterings of flute and piano really help give it the prog feel.

There is one song called “Spiral Tower”, it is appropriate because listening to the album from start to finish I sort of feel as I am embarking on a journey up that tower. Fighting Demons and Hydras on my way up losing companions and still soldiering on………I have played way too much Shining Force 2.

When I hear an album and can listen to it end to end without wanting to skip a song it delights me more than most people know. I’d go in depth into the songs but really feel the album as a whole package is what is important here. Each song feels like it was written for the rest of the tracks on the album. Notably exceptional songs are “Halo of Thorns”, “I of the Storm”, “A Psychotic Waltz” and “Spiral Tower”

Check it out. Oh and good news Psychotic Waltz is back together and working on a new album which will hopefully be out sometime before the end of this year.

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