About the Authors

Colin (gritzcolin)

I am just a working stiff in a blue collar job. I have no musical talent aside from a half decent very untrained voice. However I like to think I have a good ear for music. There really is not a genre of music I outright dislike however I am vocal with my distaste for certain bands or sub genres even with that I will give anything a try. My favorite bands? Depends on the mood I am in at the particular time in my life you ask me. Opeth is a staple in my musical diet but right now I would say Persefone and Leprous are my most commonly listened to bands. Next month it might be Tech N9ne and Flux Pavilion I never know and it is why I love finding artists who are new to me and rekindling my affection for old ones.


Corsair might be a wizard, but denies any such foolish allegations with a wave of his magic wand.